21st Century Brain Technology

Stress and trauma compromise and undermine our overall well-being. Stress and trauma, physical and/or emotional, can cause the brain to get “stuck”. The brain is the master regulator and therefore is the key to mediate the effects of this stress on one’s body, its systems and overall well-being. Brainwave Optimization® helps the brain, help itself, to get “unstuck” and return to a state of optimal functioning.

Brain BalancingBrainwave Optimization® harnesses the power of advanced computing technology to create a high-definition Acoustic Brain Mirror. This real-time reflection of brainwave activity generates a pattern of music-like tones, which in turn supports and accelerates the brain’s ability to achieve deep states of relaxation where it can fully let go and reset itself. Trauma and chronic stress can overwhelm the brain – when the brain resets itself, it will self-optimize to improve well-being and return to a highly capable state.

Benefits include:

  • deep relaxation
  • lower stress/anxiety
  • better sleep
  • relief from concussion
  • better mental clarity
  • improved mood

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