About Nancy Attrill

Nancy AttrillNancy Attrill embarked on her professional career over 30 years ago in various businesses and corporations. Her roles have varied from insurance underwriting to management, marketing and employee training/mentoring. Her focus has always been that of providing world class service through effective, productive and highly motivated teams. She believes that strong management skillset is the key to being the best in a given field.

She interrupted her career in 2003 to become a fulltime caregiver for 4 years to her adult daughter who was seriously injured in a car accident. She applies the many life lessons learned during that time to her highly effective workshops and programs. During that time she studied to become a Natural Health Consultant, specializing in brain health. She also became a licensed provider of brain relaxation technology for optimum wellness.

Combining her expertise in these areas gives her a unique and value-added program that her corporate clients greatly embrace. She has a passion for assisting executives and leaders achieve a well-organized and highly productive team who, through their guidance, provides world class client service with the satisfaction of knowing they are valued by their employer.

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BrainwellBRAINWELL! Your Guide to Happiness at Work

The brain is a beautiful thing. We so often take it for granted and don’t pay much attention to it, until it is not operating properly.

Many executives are beginning to believe wellness training is a driving factor in employee retention and improved client service. Since everything we think and do start with the brain, we should take every action possible keep it healthy!

This book provides several strategies for employers and employees alike to maintain healthy brain function in a stressful world, be happier and more productive, and ultimately be more successful!

Available on Amazon in Kindle or print.