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“When I walked into Nancy’s office I was at my very rock bottom. I didn’t see much of a purpose in living at that point. I had no idea if Brainwave Optimization® would work for me, but I needed to find out. After my very first session I was overwhelmed with relief and joy! I felt a difference immediately. It was like my brain was begging for this. I was so excited to keep going.

With every session that passed, I felt better. Everyone around me could see a difference. Best of all, I FELT a huge difference. I didn’t have to fake a smile, or fake being happy or fake an interest in life. I genuinely felt those feelings, for the first time in many years. Now, I have tremendous hope for the future. I can see the good in life again. It’s overwhelming how good I feel because I’ve felt so down for so long.

I’m starting to rediscover life. The process is simple but the results are outstanding. It saved my life. Nancy’s professional, kind and calming mannerism helped me through the process. For me, feeling “normal” and genuinely living a happy life is absolutely priceless.” ~ Christa W, Ontario


“Nancy I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing. No one knows until they have had a BI (brain injury) or concussion how much it affects your everyday life.

After 16 sessions I have experienced better sleep, less strain on my eyes and periods of longer concentration and cognitive thinking.

As my brain continues to heal after Brainwave Optimization® I look forward to more improvement. I hope the medical profession will take a serious look at this as the program for concussions.” ~ Pauline Hoffman, Age 50, Ontario, Canada

Pauline Hoffman   

“My experience with Brainwave Optimization® has been profound. Although undiagnosed I was depressed, and suffered from PTSD, and my thoughts tended often to be negative. My process over the past few years has been to overcome these feelings, and it wasn’t until I went through the process of Brainwave Optimization with Nancy that I felt a huge shift.

I no longer feel depressed and I am more aware of every moment so that I am less reactive. I take each moment as it comes and there is level of trust within myself which I have never felt before. I am happier, more at peace with myself and my children, more able to set boundaries without getting caught in the negative feedback loop.

My 16 yr old son who has struggled with his trauma and diagnosed with PTSD among other things, also has benefited hugely from BWO. He is more centred and although he at times struggles with his negative emotions, his behaviours have subsided significantly and he is in more control of his reality. It’s as though he sees and experiences his life through clearer lenses, and is learning to take responsibility for his actions.

I highly recommend BWO and can honestly say that it has changed my life significantly and my perception of Self. I am grateful to Nancy and her guidance throughout the process.

Hope all is well with you Nancy and again thank you for all you have done for me and for Chris.” ~ Marianne Nielsen, Ottawa, 2014

Marianne Nielsen   

“In December of 2010 my daughter had her 4th concussion. The three prior she seemed to recover from with little or no lasting symptoms. The fourth concussion was result of whiplash while playing indoor soccer and took several weeks before we understood the magnitude of the fall-out. She had an acceptance for post-secondary education for the fall of 2011 but knew her recovery was nowhere near being able to accomplish that. She decided to take a couple of courses in a victory lap at high school and deferred to the next year.

She seemed to improve slowly during the year and we had Clinical Psychologist do some testing that showed she had a cognitive disorder in relation to memory and organization. She had a major setback at exam time in June when the intense studying caused a recurrence of symptoms and she was not able to complete the exams. We had hoped that through the summer things would improve but at the start of August when she was unable to read even 10 minutes before becoming symptomatic we knew that she was in no shape to enter post-secondary studies in September.

A friend had been to an information session at the library in London for Advantage Workplace Integration so we decided to give it a try. She could feel the difference in even the first two sessions and made great gains in the first ten sessions allowing her to handle the University courses. She came back for 10 more sessions in October that continued to improve her ability to read for longer stretches and reduced headaches. She also reported much improved sleep. She still has the cognitive disorder but with help from the accessible learning department as school she had strategies that help her to succeed. I really feel strongly that had she not done the brain balancing she would not have been able to manage the studies.” ~ Patricia E, St. Marys, Ontario

Patricia E   

“After seeing the success with our daughter we decided to have our son have sessions as well. He has a condition known as Dysgraphia which affects his writing and organizational skills. He had been diagnosed in Grade 3 and because he presently so well orally he had been fairly successful and happy at school. This changed in Grade 11 when the courses got more in depth and homework load larger. He dreaded school and spent way too much time on homework spinning his wheels.

After the first 10 sessions the complaining stopped and he settled into a much better routine and found studying for exams an easier process. His organization skills are greatly improved as well as his overall attitude. His dysgraphia did not disappear but he is certainly functioning at a higher level and able to handle a very challenging Post-Secondary Course of Massage Therapy. The greatest thing from his prospective was his improved sleep patterns. I did not realize that it was taking him 1 to 2 hours each night to get to sleep and his sleep was often scattered. He is sleeping soundly for the night now within 10 to 15 minutes and a happier guy for it.” ~ Patricia E., St. Marys, Ontario


“My life was full of fear/panic and high anxiety. I had a problem getting to sleep, and even when I slept a long time, I did not wake up feeling rested. The feeling of heaviness in my brain and mental fog had prevented me from having self-confidence and happiness.

I heard about Advantage Workplace Integration and how their process can help calm and balance the brain. After having just 10 sessions with Nancy Attrill, I feel so much better!

My anxiety is greatly reduced, I don’t panic over the events I used to, and the quality of my sleep is much improved! I feel so much calmer, and I am able to accept life’s challenges without letting it get to me, even to the point of laughing it off! My mental clarity is amazing, and my brain feels lighter. I am very impressed with the work Nancy did for me, and I thank her for her dedication. I will be recommending her services to my friends and family!” ~ Nancy Grigg, Age 63, Ingersoll, ON

Nancy Grigg   

“My circumstances are different now… I find that from work / play, I sleep at the drop of hat, within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Power naps are the greatest, and feeling so energized that those around me had a difficult time keeping up. Ten sessions with you Nancy, set me on a whole new course in life. Thank you, for being there and equipped to offer such a wonderful service to those who need this form of healing.” ~ BM, female, London, ON


“I am a retired Elementary School Principal. About a year after my retirement, I began experiencing anxiety attacks and depression, my family doctor attributed this to a difficult adjustment to retirement. I was prescribed anti-anxiety medication, but my anxiety and depression continued. Than my wife heard about Brainwave Optimization®, and I underwent these amazingly effective sessions about 3 months ago, with Advantage Workplace Integration in London, Canada. Since then, I am feeling less agitated and much more relaxed and settled with retirement life. I even managed to reduce the mg of my anti-anxiety meds. I would highly recommend Brainwave Optimization® to anyone experiencing depression or anxiety. In fact I am planning a return visit for a partial Brainwave Optimization® session next month.” ~ MD, age 60, Educator, Southern Ontario


“I received Brain Balancing sessions from Nancy Attrill and saw a huge improvement in my life. I became more focused. My sleep improved. My mood was more positive and I was much more able to deal with stress. My mental acuity improved and I was able to problem solve and multi task with ease; something that I was not able to do for a very long time. Overall my mind seems quieter and more peaceful. I would highly recommend Brain Balancing with Advantage Workplace Integration to anyone.” ~ RB, 51, Financial Services, London, Canada


“I feel a new sense of calm after these sessions. I have more control over my emotions, have more focus, and I am generally happier… Thank you!” ~ NM, 29, London, Canada


“I have had difficulty with stress and anxiety in my workplace. I came to Nancy Attrill and proceeded with 20 sessions over a 45 day period. Since then I have noticed a great improvement in how I handle stressful situations… I just don’t get anxious anymore! I am more productive, have more control over my emotions, and overall I am much calmer. I give all the credit to the brain balancing sessions from Advantage Workplace Integration!” ~ JK, 53, Administrator, London, Canada


“I kept asking myself, “How does it get better than this?”

“This” referred to deep depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and low self-esteem. I witnessed my life shrinking right before my eyes following a major health crisis. I was stuck.

I embraced many modalities to heal myself. They all helped to a certain degree. It was like the center piece of the puzzle was missing. What was it? It was brain balancing. I committed to 20 sessions with Nancy Attrill in June/July 2011. I have never felt so much peace and calm, clarity and connection to myself and others and community as I do now.

I sleep deeply and wake up actually looking forward to my day rather than pulling the covers back over my head due to exhaustion and shame that I am a mess and beyond hope. I now radiate positive energy, love and gratitude wherever I go. I love my life and life loves me.

I am grateful to Nancy Attrill for embracing brain balancing and establishing her company, Advantage Workplace Integration in London, Ontario in order help others regain balance in their brains and their lives. She is deeply committed to her clients and delivers excellence in everything she does.” ~ KW, female 51, London, Canada


“When my son was 18mos old, we noticed that his speech wasn’t as clear as other children his age, so we took him to Tyke Talk for an evaluation and was told that his speech development was OK and that we should just give him more time to develop. By the time we registered him for junior kindergarten, there was no doubt that he had a speech delay. The school he was to attend had an orientation day shortly after we registered him for JK and a number of healthcare professionals participated in that orientation. One of the participants was a speech and language pathologist who noticed a slight droop to the right side of his face as well as his speech issues. This was not the first time a healthcare professional noticed his “crooked” smile, but the first one to be concerned and to question the difficulties of his birth. This was also the first professional to suggest the possibility of our son having suffered a stroke at birth.

My labour for him was induced and was fairly quick and uneventful. However, delivery did not go well and my son was delivered via a true emergency c-section. From the time I was told to stop pushing – because they lost his heartbeat shortly after determining he was in distress – and the time he was clear of my body and crying was only 45 minutes. It never occurred to me to question my baby’s health, because he kept passing his APGAR and went on to meet his milestones – usually ahead of what is average.

We did go through a year of speech therapy, in which he excelled, and at the end of which it was again suggested that it was a good possibility that he suffered a stroke at birth. Because he had no other major developmental issues, no further recommendations were made for therapy or treatment of any kind. However, my mind would not let go of the fact that the possibility of stroke was there and I wondered if there was not more we could do to help him along. By this point as well, he was part-way through his senior kindergarten year and his teacher brought it to our attention that he had trouble with printing, recognizing patterns and copying them, and cutting paper. His skill in this area was at the low end of the normal range so we were told it was not a great concern at this point. If it remained an issue by the middle of his grade one year, then a recommendation for an evaluation by an occupational therapist would be made. After questioning the process of evaluation if done through the school, we were told he would most likely be in his grade two year before receiving therapy for fine motor skill development. This was not OK with us, and his father and I thought we’d be proactive. I took his report card and the teacher’s written comments about his development to our GP and requested a referral to a neurologist. I was told that that’s not how it works – we had to wait for a major issue to be identified before a referral could be made and subsequently supported by OHIP.

I want add here that our son started having issues sleeping at night when he was 18 months old. We moved to new home at this point and he missed his old room and the bedtime routine we had at the old house. He became very anxious at naptime and bedtime and did not want to be alone. The situation got to the point where we took him to a child psychologist last fall, which built upon the calming and meditative techniques we already used with him, but did little to alleviate our troubles. At the back of our minds we wondered if it had something to do with the possible stroke.

Sometime in January 2012 I received an email from a health site about Brain State Technologies and an interview with Wynona Judd. I watched the interview out of curiosity and Googled BST as soon as the interview was complete. I found Nancy Attrill and Advantage Workplace Integration through my search and contacted her about what was involved. We took some time to research neuro feedback and the science behind it. We called Nancy and booked ten sessions for him for the second and third week of summer break. At the end of his first week of sessions with Nancy, he had an obvious improvement in his hand/eye coordination to the point that his baseball coaches mentioned it to us. By the end of the second week, we had a child who was finally sleeping through the night. Nancy recommended another six sessions which we did two weeks before the start of the current school year. We did a craft on the Monday which involved cutting paper. He was in tears before long as he just could not work the scissors to cut out his shapes. He had the first of his six sessions with Nancy on Wednesday and two more sessions on Thursday. Friday morning we did another craft and he cut his shapes out perfectly! He was so surprised and so happy – I was incredulous. I just could not believe the difference from Monday to Friday.

So far this school year, I see school work that is progressing within the higher end of the expected range of development and I look forward to his midterm report in November. The best thing to come out of these sessions is my son’s self-confidence – being able print your name and cut paper like everyone else is very important when you’re six! There will be more sessions with Nancy and her staff at Advantage Workplace Integration in our son’s future. As his parents, we will do whatever we can to give him the healthiest start to his life and for us, Brainwave Optimization® is a part of that process.” ~ JF, mother of 6 year old boy, London, Ontario, Canada