Employers can choose from the Management and Employee online or in-house courses currently available, and customized mentoring programs to address specific needs of a corporate client.

Nancy’s specialties are productivity-focused, and include strategies for managers to engage and retain their best employees, and to promote the organization as employer of choice.

The wellness courses address stress, anxiety and sleep issues, promoting relaxation, brain health strategies and overall wellness. We need healthy brains and adequate sleep to perform at the optimum level our workplaces demand!


Company and association meetings. Read more here.

Live Workshops

Workshops/courses for employee groups of 10 or more tailored to your unique objectives. Examples are: Productivity, Attack Stress and Anxiety, Get Organized, Empower Your Team, and World Class Client Service

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Online Courses

Choose your topic here and register NOW! Once you do with payment you will immediately receive the link to your course via email.

Mentoring Programs for Managers and Leaders

3, 6 and 12 month programs for managers and leaders. Read more here.

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